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Max All Purpose Cleaner

New Max All Purpose Cleaner has been formulated to neutralize odors and cut through grease more quickly and effectively while leaving behind 24 hours long-lasting freshness. It kills 99.9% bacteria, leaving floors and household surfaces clean, shiny and germ-free. Max Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner can be used on Marbles, tiles, wooden surfaces, mosaic, and cement as well as counter tops, cupboard interiors, tabletops, toilet bowls and linoleum.


Rose Fresh Max All Purpose Cleaner creates a pleasant rosy aroma that lasts for 24 hours.


Lemon Fresh Max All Purpose Cleaner uses intensive cleaning action to create a citrusy lemon fragrance that lasts for 24 hours.


Lavender Fresh Max All Purpose Cleaner, complete with the scent of fresh lavender, creates lasting freshness for 24 hours.

Lemon Fresh

Rose Fresh

Lavender Fresh