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Lemon Max Dishwashing Liquid (Regular)

Cooking is fun, eating is fun, but dish washing – that is not fun at all! Cutting through grease and ensuring clean, sparkling cutlery and crockery is nothing but torture. To make life easier, add Lemon Max Dish washing Liquid to your dish washing regime. Oily spoons, sticky pans will be a worry of the past as Lemon Max Wash has an innovative, pocket friendly formula that leaves the utensils sparkling, fresh and germ free! As good as new? Yes – As good as new! No more scratching, no more rubbing – it is time to switch to the future of dish washing!

Lemon Max Dish washing Anti-Bacterial Liquid

Nothing more annoying than a sink of dirty dishes waiting to be washed. To make your life less painful use Lemon Max Dish washing Anti-Bacterial Liquid NOW! This high-performance cleaning solution smoothly wipes away all the grease, oil, food remains and 99% bacteria too. The result, clean and germ-free dishes! The solution is also a great tool to clean kitchen surfaces and cleaning the tough to remove stains. Whether its adults or children, for a healthier and happier home, this sanitizing solution is recommended to clean everyone’s dishes!

Lemon Fresh

The task to do dishes and scrub off kitchen counters is more tough than it seems. The work needs tremendous efforts as any remains can not only ruin the utensils but also cause germs and infections. It is for this reason Lemon Max Lemon Fresh dishwashing liquid is a choice for many homemakers in Pakistan. The liquid helps to remove stubborn stains, grease, oil and other food remains which may seem impossible to remove at first. No more scratches, rubbing or damaging the pots and plates. Moreover, the lemon scent leaves a fresh aroma to the washed dishes making your dish washing routine less stressful – It is now time to enjoy your dish cleaning routine!” Cleaner dishes, healthier homes and happier families!